Do you have an unruly room full of totes and boxes just laying around? Or maybe you have a unique collection of figurines just begging to be showed off? Shelving will help sort that stuff out or put it on display! There are all kinds of shelf hardware available, so let’s take a look at some options.Shelf Material Before we get into shelf hardware, it’s important to consider your shelf material. Follow the shelf hardware manufacturer’s suggestions for shelving material and fasteners. What will go on the shelf and what type of shelf hardware you’re planning to use will help you to make your choice. Plywood and particle board are very common materials, but solid wood and even metal can be utilized for shelf material.Standards and Brackets Standards and brackets are the easiest-to-adjust shelving option. First, you fasten shelf standards with slots for shelf brackets to each stud on the wall. Then, figure how many shelves would work for your application, and install the appropriate number of brackets into the slots on the standards. Cut your shelf material to the correct length and lay the shelf on the brackets. You can adjust the distance between the shelves by simply removing the shelf, moving the brackets up or down, and reinstalling the shelf. This allows for future changes in your organizational needs.Fixed Shelf Brackets Fixed shelf brackets work great for adding shelving when adjustability isn’t a concern. Fasten the shelf bracket to the stud in a wall, add a shelf to the top and presto – instant shelf. Fixed shelving brackets typically are “L” shaped, however cantilevered brackets and floating shelf brackets are becoming more popular. Since these brackets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, they are quite versatile and can be used for everything from displaying decorative showpieces in a living room to storing heavy boxes in the garage. Just be sure to use an appropriate bracket and shelf material for the application.Now get some shelf hardware and show off that rad collection of 80’s toys you’ve been keeping in a box in the attic!