An Easy Upgrade to Your Kitchen

There is a pretty nice kitchen in this old house that my wife and I have here.  I like the way they did the kitchen.  It’s a small kitchen, so you always have the countertop full when you’re making a meal, there isn’t a lot of room.  The way they built this really is nice, I like it.  When you need a cutting board, pastry board, bread board, whatever you like to call it, you have one built-in that pulls out.  This is a nice feature.  You cut up whatever you want here, onions, carrots, fish, whatever you want, and when you are done it just retracts; or if you cut up fish or something and need to wash it, you can lug it over the sink, because it pulls right out, and clean it off.   My current one’s old, it’s as old as the house.  The lady who lived here before us, she raised a bunch of kids and they all lived through this cutting board, so I’m going to put a new one in.  I’m going to have to put a little finish on the end to match the cabinets, but that’s all I’m going to do.

This new style (NPBB), it’s made up of hardwood all the way though, so you can do some fancy cutting on it.  Then you can shove this in as far as you want, all the way to the back, and then when you need a cutting board you just pull it out.  It’s a nice deal.  In this house there’s actually two cutting boards, but one of them must be where the lady spent her time because the board is really cut to pieces.  These boards are really popular in new construction and in new cabinets.  If you’re ever going to build new cabinets, it’s not a bad idea to have a cutting board like this.  The cutting boards here that the lady used are an older design of a cutting board.  Quite a few years ago, they put a solid wood core in these things, and a really thick veneer of maple on the top and bottom.  Nowadays, the breadboard is made with solid strips of hardwood, rubberwood, glued up side by side with food safe glue.  They’re really nice.

Now personally, I like to just have a cutting board right on the countertop.  I’ve got one of those solid rubberwood cutting boards and what I did is I put rubber feet (BUBS could work just as well) on the bottom of it so I can have it on the countertop.  Then I can use this to cut up meat, I can cut up potatoes, I can do anything with this part, and then when I’m all done, I drag it over to the sink, stick it in and slosh it off really good.

Again, this cutting board, is solid rubberwood glued up with food safe glue.  It’s already sealed with a mineral oil, and you can keep adding mineral oil (BBMOIL) to it if you want to.  I never do it, I cut so much stuff on there, I never even think about adding mineral oil to it afterwards, it’s just such a good board.  I’ve been using the one I have for a long, long time.  I just cut up a bunch of junk on it and wash it off in the sink and it works just fine.  Another nice thing about this cutting board is you have oak on one end and maple on the other, so it doesn’t matter what kind of cabinet you have, you can stain it and finish it to match your cabinet.  If you cut this one all up, and it’s looking kind of ugly, then you can just sand it down, keep sanding and sanding it, and it’s going to be just fine.  If you get a really deep cut in there, and it embarrasses you to have that deep cut, you can flip it over and use it again.  The ones in this house, they could be tipped over and used on that side; but I wanted solid wood and that’s what I got with this rubberwood.  It’s a very nice cutting board.  When I use it on the countertop, then I do cut meat on it, but I don’t cut meat on the ones that are retracting into the cabinet.  I like to just put bread crumbs on them, so only the bread crumbs can get inside the cabinet, the mice need something to eat too you know.  We don’t get no mice here, because we have cats, so we don’t have mice.  And we don’t let crumbs go in there either, we wipe them off.

If you want a little help making sure you have the necessary items for installing your bread board, we have gone ahead and made a bundle for you here!

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