A little word to say about, whatever these are. You have paper towels on one hand, you can buy them at any grocery store you want, and then rags; good old shop rags are whatever you got, t-shirts, cut up towels, all kinds of stuff you can use in your wood shop or wherever you are. This is a product that falls in between the paper towel and the cloth rag. I don’t know if there’s any cloth in this stuff, but they’re sure durable.

My favorite is called Super Tuff, now this rag, or paper towel, or whatever you want to call it. It’s in that no man’s land, I don’t know what it is. It’s so soft, and yet it’s really extremely tough. I don’t know what the tensile strength is on this, but it is tough. You can wash stuff over and over, you can do the windows, and you can wipe stain. You can do a lot of stuff with this. I try to keep it in my wood shop, but you know where I find it? I find it in the bathroom, I find it in the kitchen. This box, I can’t keep in my shop for because it’s just the nicest thing and everybody wants it in my house, even my kids will come over and get it. I love the Super Tuff shop towel, they call it a shop towel, but it’s in the house next to the sinks. Such a nice rag. You can use it wet, you can use it dry. The box has a dispenser spot on the top, but you can pop a spot on the side, and then you’ve got a handle to carry it by. Really nice, a good product, a really good product.

Then, the next one, One Tuff. Now, I especially like this, this rag also is really nice. It’s got one side that’s a little softer than the other, and you can kind of see a difference in color. This is a really, really super strong rag. You can work this rag really hard. It’s such a good rag, it’s called One Tuff (TM84075).

The Super Tuff and the One Tuff fall into that slot between the paper towel, that you can get at a grocery store or wherever, and the rag. They are such a good product that I would recommend you have them in your shop. You got to get you some of these.

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