This is a nice leveler (PMI345-10-02), it’s a metal one; not stainless steel, but it is a nice leveler. It came off the blocks pretty fast, and it’s a good seller, people like it. One thing they liked about this leveler, is the mounting block (PMI835-E1-00), it screws onto the bottom of the cabinet. You screw that on to the bottom of the cabinet, and then you can ship it. The cabinet could slide around the floor, and then when you get ready to put the leg leveler in, it just slides in. You can get from 3 ¾ of an inch of adjustability to 5 ½. So, it’s a really nice metal leg leveler.

If you want to add a facial board, something in front of it to hide the leveler, you can buy this clip (PMI228-V1-T2) separately. So, you have to buy the leg and the mounting block, to have your leveler. So, separate items, very nice leveler, and it’ll hold up to 330 pounds per leg. So, if you want a quick application, easy to put this on your cabinet, this is a really nice leveler to buy.

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