If you’ve ever been to a farm, you’ve probably seen an old barn with doors that slide to the side for access. Using the timeless, rustic simplicity of barn-style doors is a hot trend designers are incorporating into more and more homes and work spaces. Known by designers as barn doors and barn door hardware, these types of sliding doors and hardware are extremely versatile and can be used for everything from closet or office doors, to closing off a TV cabinet or windows as interior shutters. Fortunately, hardware companies are offering many barn door hardware options to suit the needs of consumers. Let’s examine what you need to know about incorporating sliding barn doors into your home or office.

As mentioned before, the possibilities for using barn doors are only limited by your imagination. The good news is you don’t have to use the large wheels and tracks of actual barn doors to achieve the desired look. Barn door hardware is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to make your vision come to life. Smaller tracks and rollers are made for small door applications such as cabinets and furniture. More robust tracks and rollers are available for heavier doors, like those for closets and office entries. You’ll typically choose the hardware to match the size and weight of the door.

Make sure you have enough space! Barn doors roll on a track above the door, so the distance the door slides is limited to the length of the track. You’ll need to allow enough space for the door to slide all the way out of the opening. Also, consider how much room you have above the door to ensure the track and hardware will fit. For the door to work and fit properly, it’s best to figure out what hardware you’re going to use, then make the doors according to the space and hardware requirements.

Plus manufacturers have created both rustic looking hardware and modern styled wheels in a sharp looking stainless steel finish that compliments the clean lines of today's contemporary styling.

Using barn doors in your home or office adds a unique twist on the everyday necessity of keeping things and spaces closed off. Barn door hardware is readily available and versatile, so working the barn door aesthetic into your home or office is easier than ever. Get creative and change the look of your space!

Quick installation tip.
Not all barn door kits are built with 16” on center brackets, be sure to check the dimensions of your kit as you may need to make a few modifications for installation. For new construction, consider a backer board behind the sheet rock or existing construction you may want a header board to ensure you are keeping the load rating at its maximum.