Leg levelers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about cabinet building, but they play a crucial role, especially in commercial settings like restaurants, hospitals, showrooms, and more. Even in residential settings, leg levelers can offer practical solutions. In this guide, we'll explore three commonly used leg levelers and their applications, helping you make an informed decision for your next project.

CHA509704C - 4" leg leveler to be used with plate CHA44X301C,
CHA859706C - 6" leg leveler to be used with plate CHA44X309C

Among the most robust options available, stainless steel leg levelers offer exceptional strength and durability. These levelers, made from number 201 stainless steel, boast a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds per leg, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. Featuring a heavy 5/8-inch bolt and a separate plate for added stability, stainless steel leg levelers are perfect for commercial environments where reliability is paramount. Their adjustable design ensures precise leveling, whether it's for service counters, food preparation areas, or medical facilities.

CHA485048C - 6" leg leveler,
CHA485032C - 4" leg leveler.
CHA764460 - plinth clip compatible with either 6 or 4" leg leveler

Another versatile option is the adjustable stainless-steel legs equipped with a plinth clip. These levelers provide the same robustness and weight capacity as their counterparts but come with the added convenience of a plinth clip for concealing the legs. With ample adjustability and a supplied plate, these levelers offer flexibility in various settings, from kitchens to clinics. The plinth clip enhances aesthetics while maintaining functionality, making them a popular choice for both commercial and residential applications.

CHAP632003C - 6" High Impact ABS leg leveler

For those seeking a lightweight yet durable solution, high-impact plastic leg levelers are an excellent choice. Constructed from ABS plastic, these levelers offer reliable support with the added benefit of easy installation. With a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds per leg and supplied plates included, they are suitable for a wide range of environments, including showrooms, medical facilities, and beyond. Their adaptability and affordability make them an attractive option for projects where functionality and budget are equally important.

When selecting leg levelers for your project, consider factors such as weight capacity, material durability, adjustability, and any specific requirements, such as NSF criteria for sanitation. While these levelers are commonly used in commercial settings, their versatility extends to residential applications, offering reliable support wherever needed.

Leg levelers are essential components in cabinet building, providing stability and adjustability to various structures. Whether you're outfitting a restaurant, showroom, or residential kitchen, choosing the right leg leveler can enhance functionality and aesthetics while ensuring durability and reliability. With options ranging from stainless steel to high-impact plastic, there's a leg leveler suited to every project's needs. Explore your options, consider your requirements, and invest in quality leg levelers for lasting performance and peace of mind.

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