My son and I are going to build a set of cabinets, I’m pretty sure that before we’re done, we’re going to wish that we would have bought them. Since we are going to build them though; what I need to accomplish is, I need the outfeed table to be on the exact same plane as the bed of the table-saw, so the table has to come up a little bit. I went out and bought some Selby leg levelers (SYGHEAVY M10X75) that I am going to put on my table legs and walk you through how to do it. One of the things that I like about this leg leveler is the lip on the back side that tucks underneath the leg of the table. This leveler holds a lot of weight, up to 2000lbs, so it is a really heavy-duty leveler.

Installing it really is easy, that lip on the back goes right underneath the 2x4 leg of the table, which gives you good support. Then you just put the four screws into the leveler and it sucks it up tight to the leg. The height is then adjustable by using an allen wrench, and the leg levelers have little caps on the bottom to aid with adjusting and protect your flooring. They really are a simple, easy to install leg levelers that does its job really well.

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