Being a homeowner today comes with so many options. There are no limits to what you can do with your home. The internet has revolutionized home decor, exposing us to many different trends. More homeowners are considering home renovations -- and sliding barn doors ought to be the next thing on their list. They can be put to both indoor and outdoor use, some of which are discussed here. Below, you'll find five different ways to incorporate this feature into your home.

1. Use Them to Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

If you want to use sliding barn doors inside your house, the bedroom is a great place to do so. They instantly make a room feel cozy and intimate. An advantage of these doors is that they are flexible and can be made to adapt to the room’s original decor. They also add a lot of texture and warmth to your room, which you can take advantage of and incorporate into the room’s overall design. They also go well together with many cross-generational trends, meaning they wouldn’t throw off your Persian rug or your Mission-style loveseat. The barn door could also share a similar design with the flooring wood stain and the ceiling beams, giving your room a look of continuity.

2. Use Them to Add Life to Your Basement

When people think of a typical basement, a dark, moody, scary room full of wires and old boxes comes to mind. In many households, the basement is utilized as a storage space, instead of a living area. However, as your children become older, they may need more space or may have hobbies that require a dedicated room. This is when your basement comes in handy. You can transform that drab room to a comfortable living space, and sliding barn doors could help you do just that. A barn door can be of help when you want to use the basement for dual purposes. If you put a sliding barn door in the middle of the room, you can elegantly divide the room into two portions.

3. Use Them to Introduce Charm to Your Kid’s Playroom or Bedroom

Children love sliding barn doors. What’s not to love? Chances are you might not have been exposed to the concept of barn doors when you were a child, but you might never have dreamed they'd be used indoors as a sophisticated decor feature. Since kids’ rooms are usually playful and colorful, you should install sliding barn doors that match this unique color palette and style. All it takes, however, is painting the doors with matching low VOC paint. This will make the overall decor seamless and inviting.

4. Use Sliding Barn Doors in a Social Area

These doors aren’t restricted to bedrooms and basements. You can also install sliding doors in a common area such as the living room. With an open mind, you’ll find that there are so many ways you can incorporate sliding barn doors into your living room. For example, you can install a sliding barn door in such a way that it closes over your bookshelf, thus hiding away your book or antique collection. These doors can also be used to conceal the television while adding a rustic aura to the room. They can be painted before being installed to match the room’s color scheme.

5. Use Sliding Barn Doors to Rope off Your Home Office

If you have a home office or a craft room, you know how important it is to have some privacy. For painters and artists, you may not want your work to be seen before you’re done. Sliding barn doors make perfect sense in this context. Sliding barn doors make your home office look less formal and dull. Pick out a complimenting wallpaper design to make your office look even more personal.

The Bottom Line

Sliding barn doors are an essential interior design trend. They can flip how a room looks immediately after being installed. Many companies install soft-closing doors, saving you the frustration of loud doors. They are also incredibly light, hence shouldn’t be too hard for your child to slide open. Sliding barn doors are what your home needs to look and feel more cozy and elegant.