decorative hinge options

When you're undertaking a kitchen remodeling, the hinges on the cabinets are likely the last thing on your mind. However, cabinets typically account for 40% to 50% of the total kitchen remodel costs, so you're going to want every part of the cabinet to be absolutely perfect. That perfection includes the hinges, but there is a wide array of hinges out there from which to choose. Know the differences in these hinge features and you'll pick the ones perfect for your cabinets.


As the name implies, heavy-duty hinges are for cabinets that need a little more support than normal. These hinges are often seen in commercial and institutional environments over residential, but if your cabinet doors are hefty because of their material or size, heavy duty hidden hinges could be a good option for you. They can be up to one-fourth of an inch thick.


Decorative hinge options typically have one of two purposes. The first is for the hinge to be functional. It will attach to the door and act as any other cabinet hardware hinges would, but it also has a decorative face that will show on the outside of the cabinet door. The second purpose is to be more decorative than functional. There may be an actual hinge on the inner part of the door, but the decorative part on the outside is meant to add more detail to the cabinets. Decorative hinge options can often complement other design elements of the kitchen and cabinets and give fun detail to your kitchen cabinets.  Still, you may not want your hinge to be visible and functional is most important.  Select from concealed or hidden hinges.

Hidden hinges, also known as invisible or concealed hinges, attach only to the inside of the cabinet door and frame so that the exterior of your cabinets are uninterrupted by unsightly hinges. The cabinet doors appear to float on the face of a cabinet frame, giving your cabinets a clean and smooth look.

Soft Close
Soft close cabinet door hinges are built using hydraulics that create a vacuum to close the door. The purpose of soft close hinges is to eliminate noise when a closing a cabinet door. As you push a door closed with a soft close hinge, the hydraulics will take over at a certain position and gently close it the rest of the way.

For the most functionality, demountable hinges allow you to remove the cabinet doors to which they are attached so that you can clean them or repair them if needed. These types of hinges are especially useful because they make it so easy to take off cabinet doors without removing any of the hardware.


Whether you're considering something functional like heavy-duty hinges or more decorative hinge options, choosing the right hinges for your home will make your cabinets just right.