It's important to make your new house feel like a home. But let's be real, renovations are incredibly expensive. In fact, the average kitchen remodel for a large kitchen in San Francisco is $70,000.

The good news is you don't have to completely gut your kitchen or master bathroom to give your home a new look. A few updates here and there can be just what you need. Here are four things you can do to upgrade your home without blowing your budget.

  1. Change the hardware on your cabinets. Hardware plays a bigger roll in how your kitchen and master bathroom look than you would think. New cabinet pulls can turn your cabinets from 1960s nightmare to modern chic. You can even install vintage pulls to give your kitchen that rustic farmhouse look you've been wishing for.
  2. Add your own mouldings. You can add character to your kitchen without installing brand new cabinets. You can install crown moulding, panel moulding, and other types of moulding around your cabinets yourself. Just be sure you have the right measurements before you touch anything with a miter saw.
  3. Paint your unsightly floor tiles. It can get expensive to install new floor tiles in your kitchen and master bath. But the good news is that you don't have to. You can get the same effect of having a new floor by painting the floor tiles yourself.
  4. Change your light fixtures. Lighting makes a major difference in every room you have. If your light fixtures aren't the best looking, it can bring down the mood of the room. Consider making a small investment in new fixtures that match the aesthetic of the rest of your house. Be sure to contact an electrician if you need to mess around with any of the wirings, though.

Where can I find new cabinet pulls for my kitchen and bathroom?

Master bathroom remodels can cost as much as $11,700 on average, according to Houzz. By just updating the cabinet pulls, cabinet lighting, and other bath hardware, you can make your master bath feel like new without the major renovation.

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