mount panels

If you're looking to mount any sort of paneling in your home, whether it's a wall or ceiling panel or a floating shelf, mount panel systems can help take the guesswork of trying to make sure that paneling is level and aligned. Today, we'll be discussing the different ways you can utilize mount panels in order to turn an exhausting project into a beautiful addition to your home on a manageable timeframe.

Wood Paneled Ceilings

While wood paneled walls have mostly been relegated to the rumpus rooms of the past, wood paneling on the ceiling can offer a rustic, welcoming environment to any room where it's placed. Pine is the most commonly used type of wood for home projects, but the sky is the limit when you're trying to consider what type of wood is best for your ceiling. One thing to consider when thinking about type is the shade of wood.

While a beautiful, rich cherry may seem beautiful when you look at it on a shelf or in cabinetry, you may find that this type of wood on a ceiling can make a room feel smaller. Woods that are naturally deeper in color are best used in rooms with high ceilings that get plenty of light. You can also ask yourself whether you want to highlight the wood grain with wood stains or leave it as-is.

When considering the durability of the wood, know that you don't necessarily have to choose a harder wood like you might for wood flooring, since the panel's placement on the ceiling means it won't have to endure quite so much abuse as floors or cabinets might.

Mount panels are an invaluable tool in wood ceilings because they take the guesswork out of ensuring that panels are lined up evenly or measured accurately, allowing homeowners to tackle this project without worrying about unsightly gaps in the wood paneling.

Soundproofing Walls

If you have a recording studio space in your home, or even just a room that requires noise dampening in order to keep from disturbing other members of the house, noise dampening materials are crucial to keep sound from echoing in rooms with high ceilings. Acoustic paneling is a great way to help accomplish this goal. These acoustic panels can be made of foam or fabric, and should be mounted to walls in order to help dampen noise disturbances from within the room and outside of it as well. Mount panels allow for these acoustic panels to be hung with relative ease, securely mounting them to the wall without the need for visible hardware.

Floating Shelves

Modern homeowners love the idea of creating spaces for books and media that are just as much a conversation piece as they are a hobby or a learning tool. One way that homeowners do this is to mount floating shelves on walls in common spaces. These attractive shelving units are great display spaces for books, plants, or other items of importance around the home. Mount panels ensure that these shelves are not only eye-catching display areas, but also that these important objects are secured and stable in their shelving unit.

Regardless of the project that homeowners undertake, mounting projects with mount panels allows for an affordable, accessible way to ensure that these projects are undertaken with confidence. Removing variables such as specialty tools and velcro, mount panel systems make it possible for homeowners and contractors alike to mount a wide variety of objects without fear or gapping, improper support, or mismatched edges. Not only that, but these hardware products are an inexpensive solution to a potentially costly problem, which is good news for homeowners. With more than 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms being remodeled annually, homeowners are constantly being asked to choose between design, budget, and durability. With mount panel systems, there's a cost effective way to ensure they can have all three.