When you're remodeling your kitchen or constructing it from scratch, you have to constantly make decisions big and small. One of the decisions smaller in size, but big in importance, is the type of cabinet hardware hinges you install. Consult this guide on finding the right hinges so that you achieve cabinet perfection in your new kitchen.

What Is The Cabinet Type?

There are two basic cabinet types that will determine which cabinet hardware hinges you can use. Face-frame cabinets incorporate a frame that is attached to the front edges of the cabinet case. In this common American style of cabinetry, the hinges mount to the face frame. Frameless cabinets are simple four-sided boxes, with no additional framing and just an edge treatment to cover the cabinet material. This style is more popular in Europe, and the hinges mount to the cabinet interior.

What Is The Door Overlay?

The door overlay of a cabinet involves the position of the door in relation to the cabinet opening. Between face-frame and frameless cabinets the overlay styles differ slightly, and this will, in turn, inform your choice of cabinet hardware hinges.
  • For Face-Frame Cabinets:
    • Overlay doors completely cover the cabinet opening by overlapping the face frame on all sides.
    • Inset doors fit entirely within the cabinet opening, sitting flush with the face frame when they are closed.
    • Partial-inset or lipped doors slightly overlap the cabinet opening on all sides, but a small shoulder cut into the edges on the back of the door allows part of it to sit inside the cabinet opening.
  • For Frameless Cabinets:
    • Full overlay doors cover all of the front edge of the cabinet and are typically used as doors at the ends of a set of cabinets.
    • Half overlay doors are typically used when the doors of two cabinets share a single partition wall so that the edge of each door only covers half of the partition.
    • Inset doors on frameless cabinets function the same as on face-frame, so that their edges are flush within the cabinet's front edges.

How Do You Want The Hinges To Look?

Once you've determined what kind of hinges your cabinet design requires, you can take in your personal preferences. Concealed hinges give cabinetry a sleek, minimalist look as no part of the hinge is visible from the outside. On the other side, you could choose from decorative hinge options to give your cabinetry a unique flare. Another popular option is soft close cabinet door hinges, which minimize door slamming and finger pinching in your home.Kitchen cabinet demand in the U.S. is projected to grow to nearly $17.1 billion by 2021. With a plethora of modern design options and alternative cabinet functions, you can have some fun while adding a touch of personalization in you cabinet hinge choice.