May 2020

  1. Time for a Kitchen Makeover

    We recently bought our first house which is a 1951 bungalow style house just outside of Minneapolis. It was a competitive housing market so despite a dingy kitchen, we loved the house! We decided to add value and enhance the look of the house so the first thing we wanted to do is update the kitchen. This is what we...
  2. 4 Ways to Dry Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

    4 Ways to Dry Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets
    To prevent water damage to your cabinets, you should fix and close all water leakage points that you can spot in your kitchen.
  3. Looking for a Good Shop Towel

    Paper towels, cloth rags, or something in between... how do you make the right choice? Let me tell you about one really good "in-betweener". It is neither a paper towel nor a cloth rag. It is the SuperTuff Shop Towel available from Woodworker’s Hardware. This is a very good shop towel with a cloth-like feel and they are super absorbent...
  4. Time for New Kitchen Drawer Slides

    Do you have a good looking set of kitchen cabinets but don’t like how the drawers function? Maybe the drawers are noisy and clunky. You wish you had the sweet, soft close Blum Tandem drawer runners with BLUMOTION like your neighbor and you just don’t think you can tackle it without putting in a whole new set of cabinets, well...

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