September 2019

  1. Barn Doors in the Home and Office

    If you’ve ever been to a farm, you’ve probably seen an old barn with doors that slide to the side for access. Using the timeless, rustic simplicity of barn-style doors is a hot trend designers are incorporating into more and more homes and work spaces. Known by designers as barn doors and barn door hardware, these types of sliding doors...
  2. Choosing the Right Shelf Hardware

    Do you have an unruly room full of totes and boxes just laying around? Or maybe you have a unique collection of figurines just begging to be showed off? Shelving will help sort that stuff out or put it on display! There are all kinds of shelf hardware available, so let’s take a look at some options. Shelf Material Before...
  3. How To Add More Light and Vibrancy to Your Space

    How To Add More Light and Vibrancy to Your Space
    From adding mirrors to painting, you can create a more vibrant, comfortable, and personalized space for yourself. Continue reading to learn how.

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