November 2018

  1. Rustic Realness: 5 Design Ideas For Your Rustic Kitchen

    Consider these ideas in your kitchen remodel to bring traditional country living into your modern home.
  2. 3 Tips For Using Wood Stains On Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Know what to do with the wood stains on your cabinets before you add the finish and your cabinets will be practically perfect.
  3. How To Sneakily Store Recycling Bins In Your Kitchen

    Combine utility and design with these sneaky ways to store your recycling bins.
  4. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: Benefits Of Heavy Duty Hidden Hinges

    Cabinets with heavy duty hidden hinges are nearly universal, with most home improvement stores putting these useful pieces of hardware at the center of their hinge options. These invisible hinges can be used in the 10.2 million kitchens or 14.2 million bathrooms that are remodeled annually, as they work on any cabinet door. While the main benefit of concealed hinges is to create a sleek, streamlined look for your cabinetry, there are several practical benefits as well.

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