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  1. Three Ways to Use Floating Shelves

    Three Ways to Use Floating Shelves
    Floating shelves are one of the most versatile ways to spruce up a wall. They just seem to work in any room. Create more laundry room storage, or quick and easy book shelves.
  2. Rustic Realness: 5 Design Ideas For Your Rustic Kitchen

    Consider these ideas in your kitchen remodel to bring traditional country living into your modern home.
  3. 3 Tips For Using Wood Stains On Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Know what to do with the wood stains on your cabinets before you add the finish and your cabinets will be practically perfect.
  4. How To Sneakily Store Recycling Bins In Your Kitchen

    Combine utility and design with these sneaky ways to store your recycling bins.
  5. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: Benefits Of Heavy Duty Hidden Hinges

    Cabinets with heavy duty hidden hinges are nearly universal, with most home improvement stores putting these useful pieces of hardware at the center of their hinge options. These invisible hinges can be used in the 10.2 million kitchens or 14.2 million bathrooms that are remodeled annually, as they work on any cabinet door. While the main benefit of concealed hinges is to create a sleek, streamlined look for your cabinetry, there are several practical benefits as well.
  6. 3 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Cabinet Hinges

    When you're remodeling your kitchen or constructing it from scratch, you have to constantly make decisions big and small. One of the decisions smaller in size, but big in importance, is the type of cabinet hardware hinges you install. Consult this guide on finding the right hinges so that you achieve cabinet perfection in your new kitchen.
  7. 3 Benefits of Soft Close Cabinet Drawers and Doors

    How often do you go to close a cabinet door or drawer and it slams shut, making a seriously loud noise and throwing the contents of the cabinet or drawer all about? If you're like the millions of people without soft-close hinges, then it probably happens more often than you'd like it to. Not to mention, the hip-bump technique to close a cabinet drawer usually results in a loud bang and that's like your go-to move. Luckily for you and everyone else who hates it when their cabinets slam shut, it's relatively easy to install soft-close hinges or dampers. But before you decide yes or no, take a minute to look over the benefits of installing some soft-close hardware for cabinets.
  8. Hinging on Comfort: Why Soft-Closing Hinges Will Make A Difference In Your Home

    Homeowners in San Francisco spend the most money on kitchen remodels out of the top 20 metro areas in the United States, averaging nearly $70,000 for a large kitchen. One of the most common design requests in newly remodeled or built kitchens is the installation of soft-closing hinges for cabinets and drawers. Hinges may seem like a minuscule detail in the grand scheme of kitchen design, but soft-closing hinges can make a big difference in the comfort and utility of your home.
  9. 4 Ways to Update Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home, the epicenter for hosting and the hub for masterful meals. When you first moved into your home, everything was new and matched to create a uniform and beautiful kitchen space. As the years have gone by, though, you've made changes, swapped out appliances, and now there's something off about your kitchen. Chances are, it's probably the cabinets. Your once beautiful cabinets have become old and musty, creating a wall-to-wall eyesore in your favorite room of the house. Luckily, there are some easy ways to freshen up those cabinets and bring some life back to your kitchen.

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