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  1. 4 Ways to Bring New Life to a Kitchen

    Below are four ideas on how to make a kitchen look brand new without a total overhaul, using items like knobs and pulls, low VOC paint, and folding shelves.
  2. Home Office Comfort

    Home Office Comfort Are you one of the increasing number of folks working from home?  Maybe you spend some of your free time gaming.  It’s critically important that your home office or work/gaming station is suited to your individual needs, so let’s take a look at some ideas to make your home workspace comfortable.   Keyboard/Mouse Position It’s difficult to...
  3. 3 Upgrades to Make in Your Kitchen for Increased Convenience

    Small improvements, like better lighting and storage, can make a big difference in a kitchen.
  4. LED Lighting – Bringing Cabinets to Life

    There are a myriad of ways to upgrade cabinetry, but perhaps the most dramatic is with LED lighting.  Think about it – you enter a dark room or space, flip the light switch, and voila!  That same room or space now looks and feels inviting.  Let’s take a look at some ideas to breathe life into cabinets using LED lighting...
  5. How to Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen Cabinets
    Painting rather than replacing your cabinets is a smaller, easier undertaking and will still give your kitchen a whole new look.
  6. Tired of Your Old, Drab Kitchen Cabinets? These Easy Upgrades Might Help

    With just a few easy steps you can get the fresh, new look you are hoping for.
  7. Simple Renovation-Free Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Like New

    Everyone has a kitchen they like to dream about, but a major renovation might not be in your budget right now. With some small changes, you don't need one.
  8. Handsome Hardware: 3 Options To Adorn Your Cabinetry

    We're going to focus exclusively on hardware for cabinet doors, so let's take a look at three choices.
  9. 4 Simple Solutions To Upgrade Your Home Without A Renovation

    4 Simple Solutions To Upgrade Your Home Without A Renovation
    Renovations and remodels can be very expensive. But you don't need to make major changes to feel like you have a new kitchen or bathroom.
  10. Keeping Kitchen and Bathroom Vanity Drawers Organized

    Who doesn’t have an unruly kitchen drawer full of utensils and kitchen gadgets? Maybe you struggle to find the perfect shade of lipstick in your bathroom vanity drawer full of cosmetics. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep those items organized and in their place so you can find them quickly and easily? Using drawer organizers is a great way to...

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