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Blade Buddy Saw Blade Organizer

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Blade Buddy Saw Blade Organizer


Blade Buddy a portable and convenient way to protect, store and transport circular saw blades. Also protects the user's investment in saw blades and truly is your blade's best friend.

User can store multiple sized blades in each drawer - one 4"- 6" blade in the bottom, one or two 7-1/4" blades on the 3rd tier, one 8" blade on the 2nd tier and one 10" blade on the 1st tier in each drawer. Only the two 7-1/4" blades would be touching with this storage configuration.

  • Three tiered drawers that open horizontally to allow quick and easy access to the saw blades
  • Made of high quality ABS 757 plastic
  • Stores safely 12-15 circular saw blades
  • Provides for efficient use of space in a shop or trailer
  • A unique latching mechanism is on each tiered drawer
  • A durable carrying handle provides easy portability
  • A three tiered drawer container will hold 20-25 pounds
  • Each storage container net wt. is 3.96 lbs. (1.8 kg)
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Blade Buddy
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