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Blade Buddy and CMT256.050.10 Combo Kit

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Blade Buddy and CMT256.050.10 Combo Kit

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Pick up this Blade Buddy and CMT table saw blade for a great price when bought together. The Blade Buddy will hold up to 15 saw blades of varying sizes up to 10" to keep them safe, clean and sharp for when you need them. Packaged together is the 10" industrial cabinet saw blade from CMT. Model number 256.050.10, this blade is a workhorse in the shop with 50 teeth, 5/8" bore, .098" kerf, .071" plate and a 15 degree hook angle.

  • CMT256.050.10 10" ITK Combination Blade
  • CMT Combination thin kerf blade, Teflon-coated, carbide tipped. For table saws only
  • Blade Buddy is a portable and convenient way to protect, store and transport circular saw blades.
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