Adhesives, Sealants and Fillers

Our vast selection of adhesivessealants and fillers are perfect for any furniture restoration or indoor/outdoor sealing projects. We carry our adhesive compounds in many versions ranging from specialty wood glues, hot melts, and even heavy duty construction adhesives. For whatever home repair project you have, Woodworker’s Hardware has got you covered. 

Wood Glues

Wood glues come in many versions including original yellow and white, water resistant, waterproof, melamine and more. Specialty wood glues are designed for doweling, molding and trim, furniture restoration and more.

Edge Banding Glue (Automatic)

Stocking edge banding pellets and cartridges for use with high pressure laminate, PVC, wood and melamine. Adhesives come from Jowat and Dorus in filled and unfilled versions.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyurethane and thermoplastic hot melt glues are great for production work because they set faster than yellow wood glues. Stocking multiple types of glue sticks and cartridges.

Melamine Glue

Melamine glue is designed to bond wood, particle board, MDF and other porous substrates to synthetic materials such as melamine, vinyl and high pressure laminate. EcoClear is formaldehyde free and has zero VOC's.

Contact Cement

Contact cement comes in a water dispersed version for spray or roll-on application and also in aerosol cans. Bonds laminate, wood veneers, foam plastics to wood and metal. Also see cyanoacrylate instand bonding system for gluing almost anything.

Construction Adhesives and Threadlocker

Stocking Beats the Nail construction adhesive providing a high strength, heat and water resistant bond. Also see Threadlocker which prevents loosening of fasteners due to vibration, shock and stress loads.


Accessories include hand-held empty glue bottles for the shop and job site, caulking guns, caulking cartridge caps, scrapers and roller applicators.

Products by Manufacturers

  • 3M
  •  Dap
  •  FastCap
  •  Franklin
  •  Jowat
  •  Roo Products

Interior Sealants

Choose from a variety of interior sealants perfect for any interior renovation or repair project. Specialty adhesive caulk is also available for filling gaps or attaching two pieces together.

Exterior Sealants

Choose from different types of exterior sealants in silicone, siliconized acrylic, latex, polymer and phenoseal vinyl. Perfect for door, window, siding and masonry sealing projects.


Choose from caulking guns for 10.1 oz. tubes, Little RedCap which covers the end of opened caulking tubes and glue bottles. Get the right accessories to keep your product fresh and lasting longer here.

Products by Manufacturers

  • Dap

Wood Fillers

Use color sticks or colored soft wax for fill holes and scratches in finished wood. For patching holes, dents, and scratches see latex, synthetic and lightweight body fillers.

Laminate Repair and Fillers

Find laminate repair solutions like SeamFil to effectively fill standard joints, cracks, chips and more. Hide defects easily with the right laminate fillers.

Putty Knives

Choose from high quality putty knives perfect for applying wood and laminate fillers.

Products by Manufacturers

  • Dap
  •  Famowood
  •  Kampel
  •  Warner
  •  Wood Tex

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