Woodworker’s Hardware stocks a variety of abrasive products for your toughest sanding projects. Whether you’re looking for discs to fit your palm sander, portable belt sander, or other sander model, you’re sure to find it at Woodworker’s Hardware. For more flexible solutions, we also carry a large selection of abrasives in roll, sheet, mesh and sponge versions.

PSA Abrasives

Many styles of discs are available with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing to easily attach to back up pads on your palm sanders.

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop versions of discs attach to back up pads on your palm sanders. Discs can easily be removed to change grits and then reapplied later.

Sanding Accessories

Stocking 3M pneumatic palm and pad sanders with non vacuum or self generated vacuum options. Also see back up and interface pads to match specific discs or applications.

Wide Belts

Wide belts come in three sizes 37" X 60", 37" X 75" and 43" X 75" in cloth and paper versions. Optional grits and mineral composition give you the choice to achieve your desired results.

Edge Belts

Stocking edge sanding belts in 6 sizes, 4 grits and 2 mineral compositions. Perfect for sanding the edges of shelves, countertops, doors and more..

Portable Belts

Stocking 4 sizes of portable belts to fit most major portable belt sander models. Grits are from 40 to 180.

Abrasive Rolls

Stocking PSA backed abrasive rolls in 2-1/2", 3-1/4" and 4-1/2" widths. Grits are from 80 to 320 and are great for finish work. Also see sanding blocks.

Abrasive Sheets

Stocking 9" X 11" abrasive sheet stock in paper and cloth for many types of woodworking. Includes grits for sanding between finish coats and also 3M Wetordry waterproof for rich deep smooth finishes.

Abrasive Fibres and Mesh

Abrasive mesh and fibres come in rolls, thin flexible sheets and pads. Can be used with water, oils or mild cleaners. Grits come in very fine, ultra fine and micro fine.

Abrasive Sponges

Abrasive sponges are a flexible solution to tough sanding jobs. Available with abrasive on 1, 2 or 4 sides and a detailed angled sponge for sanding on thin contures.

Radial Bristle Disc

The Scotch-Brite radial bristle discs attach to your drill for use in light sanding of grooves, light polishing of carvings, defuzzing crevices and sanding raised grain between seal coats.

Abrasive Tools

Stocking many tools and accessories for sanding including; pneumatic palm and pad sanders, back up and interface pads, hand pads, tack cloth, disc dispensers and abrasive cleaner.

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