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Dust Masks & Respirators

Woodworker’s Hardware stocks multipurpose dust masks and respirators with changeable cartridges that offer organic vapor protection and disposable particulate filters that protect when spray painting or applying laquers. Some of our full face respirators also include eye protection. We also have disposable solid particulate respirators that are reliable, comfortable and are ideally suited for work settings that involve heat and humidity. If you are sanding or machining wood, you should be wearing a respirator or dust mask to protect yourself and others against harmful vapors. For all your vapor protection supplies, shop Woodworker’s Hardware and receive next day shipping.

3M Full Facepiece Respirator

Item number: 3M6RESPEYE

Type Manufacturer Application
Respirators 3M Respitory protection


Out of stock

FastCap Particle Respirator


Type Manufacturer Application
Respirators Fastcap

Price: $13.83

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