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Sugatsune NSDX-10 Soft Down Lid Stay

The Sugatsune NSDX-10 adjustable soft-down flap stay is designed for downward-opening flap doors with piano, butt or drop hinges. Features include a speed adjustment screw to regulate the soft-down action, optional face frame bracket (SUFFCB SD 1) and a nickel finish. The design ensures that the flap will be held in place when in the closed position and holds the flap open to 90º. Comes either left or right handed and can be used individually or in pairs. Torque pounds per inch: single piece = 10-60 lbs-inch, per pair 38-120 lbs-inch.

Screws Included
Item Number Description Color UOM Base Price Base Price
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Volume Pricing Qty
SUNSDX10 LK Left Hand Nickel EA $15.81 $15.07
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SUNSDX10 RK Right Hand Nickel EA $15.81 $15.07
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  • Nickel finish
  • Can be installed individually or in pairs
  • Torque lbs-inch = Door height x 1/2 x Door Weight
  • - per piece 19-60 lbs-inch
  • - per pair 38-120 lbs-inch
  • Speed adjustment screw allows easy adjustment for soft close
  • Left or right handed 90° opening
  • Can be used with face frame bracket SUFFCB SD 1
Manufacturer Sugatsune
Type Lid Stays
Color Nickel
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Sugatsune NSDX-10 Soft Down Lid Stay

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