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Woodworking Specials for May 1st, 2016 through June 30th, 2016

Woodworker’s Hardware offers seasonal deals on many handy products, accessories and woodworking tools in our seasonal promotional flyer. All items currently available in our sale flyer are available below and discounted up to 15%! No need to enter a coupon code. . 

Top Sellers

3M Scotch Brite 6" x 9" Pads

Quality Aerosols Slick Kote Table & Tool Surface Sealant

Regal Ride casters with Gyro-Glide

If you’d like to browse our entire flyer, feel free to click here to download! To redeem these promotional deals, shop our list of products below. Or, if you’re reviewing the flyer, enter the item numbers provided below into our site's search box.

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3M Scotch Brite 6" x 9" Pads and Hand Pad Holder

Item number: 3MSCOTCH BRITE

Type Color Manufacturer
Scuffing Pads Multiple Colors 3M

Price: $1.44

Regal Ride Casters

Item number: CHCM

Type Color Manufacturer
Utility Casters Dark Blue Component Hardware

Price: $8.97

KV Rotating White Recycling Center

Item number: FERRC

Type Color Manufacturer
Waste & Recycling Pullout White KV

Price: $20.79

Selby Butler Tray Hinge, 1-1/2" X 3"

Item number: SYH3640RD P

Type Color Manufacturer
Specialty Hardware Solid Brass Selby



Sale Price: $8.49

Quality Aerosols Slick Kote Table & Tool Surface Sealant

Item number: CYQYA01389

Type Color Manufacturer
Drill Bit and Blade Accessories Clear Quality Aerosols



Sale Price: $10.15

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