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Selby Double/Queen Wall Bed Mechanisms

Selby's XSMVO wall bed system for double and queen sized mattresses makes turning an office, den or any other room into a spare bedroom. We supply the hardware and all you do is build a wooden frame for the mattress and any cabinetry you need to hide the bed. These fold away bed units come in two versions; one with the hardware exposed and one with the hardware concealed. The load ratings, 165 lbs or 240 lbs, refer to the total weight of the frame, hardware, mattress and bedding combined. The spring tension is adjustable so you can get just the right lift for closing the hidden bed.

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SYXSMVO54110I 240 lb Inside mount Blue EA $478.45 $469.10
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SYXSMVO54110X 240 lb Outside mount Blue EA $478.45 $469.10
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SYXSMVO5475I 165 lb Inside mount Blue EA $478.45 $469.10
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SYXSMVO5475X 165 lb Outside mount Blue EA $478.45 $469.10
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  • Convenient space saving system
  • Enclosed counter balance for safety
  • Easy screw-type tension adjustment
  • Available in 2 load ratings: 165 lbs and 240 lbs (weight is total of frame, hardware, mattress and bedding combined)
  • Available in 2 hardware mounting styles: -Concealed - hardware inside mattress box -Exposed - hardware outside mattress box
  • Build your own bed frame
  • Works with Double and Queen sized mattresses (not included)
  • Supplied with 2 legs that require a wooden cross bar to be cut and installed by the fabricator
  • The wall cabinet must be plumb and securely attached to a suitable wall
  • Fully mounted inside the cabinet, not bolted to the floor
  • Minimum cabinet depth is 14"
  • Detailed instructions included
Manufacturer Selby
Shipping : All orders are shipped in 24 hours

Selby Double/Queen Wall Bed Mechaninsms

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