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Omega National Beaded Rosette Caps for Fluted Mouldings

Rosette Cap style for fluted filler moldings. Available in unfinished cherry, maple and red oak. Comes in 2 sizes.

Item Number Description Color UOM Base Price Base Price
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Volume Pricing Qty
NPR8111CUF2 3" x 3" Cherry EA $9.34 $8.79
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NPR8111MUF2 3" x 3" Maple EA $9.06 $8.52
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NPR8111OUF2 3" x 3" Oak EA $8.42 $7.89
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NPR8211CUF2 6" x 6" Cherry EA $17.86 $17.06
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NPR8211MUF2 6" x 6" Maple EA $17.61 $16.83
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NPR8211OUF2 6" x 6" Oak EA $15.71 $14.99
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  • Rosette caps for fluted mouldings
Type Wood Moulding
Manufacturer Omega National
Application Filler Moulding
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Omega National beaded Rosette Caps for fluted mouldings

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