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Miller Dowel Stepped Hardwood Dowels and Bits

Miller Dowel joinery is a simple two-part system consisting of a stepped hardwood dowel and a matching stepped drill bit. Joints created with Miller Dowels combine the advantages of natural wood joinery and the ease of nails or screws. Three sizes; Mini X dowels are 1-5/8' long x 1/4" cap, 1X dowels are 2-3/4" long x 3/8" cap and 2X dowels are 3-1/2" long x 1/2" cap.

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MD8C6.5 B 1-5/8" Long, Mini-X Birch EA $0.58 $0.28
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MD8C6.5 C 1-5/8" Long, Mini-X Cherry EA $0.66 $0.35
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MD8C6.5 O 1-5/8" Long, Mini-X Oak EA $0.60 $0.29
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MD8C6.5 W 1-5/8" Long, Mini-X Walnut EA $0.69 $0.37
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MD12D11 B 2-3/4" Long, 1X Birch EA $0.60 $0.30
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MD12D11 C 2-3/4" Long, 1X Cherry EA $0.70 $0.39
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MD12D11 O 2-3/4" Long, 1X Oak EA $0.66 $0.36
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MD12D11 W 2-3/4" Long, 1X Walnut EA $0.75 $0.44
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MD15D14 B 3-1/2" Long, 2X Birch EA $0.69 $0.37
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MD15D14 C 3-1/2" Long, 2X Cherry EA $0.84 $0.53
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MD15D14 O 3-1/2" Long, 2X Oak EA $0.74 $0.43
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MD15D14 W 3-1/2" Long, 2X Walnut EA $0.87 $0.56
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MDQD12D11 1X drill bit   EA $21.88 $20.97
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MDQD15D14 2X drill bit   EA $24.84 $23.85
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MDQD8C6.5 Mini-X drill bit Steel EA $13.82 $13.15
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  • Simple - fast and easy to use
  • Strong - solid and long lasting joints
  • Economical - minimal tools required
  • Versatile - use in any woodworking project
  • Unique - the only wood fastener designed for insertion from the outside
  • Excellent results - an appealing and durable alternative
Type Dowels
Manufacturer Miller Dowels
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Miller Dowel Stepped Hardwood Dowels and Bits

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