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Edgemate Peel and Stick Unfinished Veneer Sheets

Edgemate adhesive backed unfinished wood veneer sheets. These sheets are great for refacing, covering panels or wrapping contours. Available in a 10 mil thickness and in 2' x 3' or 2' x 8' sheets. Wood species' include maple, red oak, hickory and cherry. Simple peel and stick application.

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ETVMFC 2X8 2' x 8' Maple SH $48.90 $47.24
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ETVROFC 2X8 2' x 8' Red Oak SH $46.00 $44.43
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ETVHKFC 2X8 2' x 8' Hickory SH $53.42 $52.38
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ETVCHFC 2X8 2' x 8' Cherry SH $53.42 $52.38
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ETVMFC 2X3 2' x 3' Maple SH $26.31 $23.23
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ETVROFC 2X3 2' x 3' Red Oak SH $26.31 $23.23
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ETVHKFC 2X3 2' x 3' Hickory SH $28.09 $24.97
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ETVCHFC 2X3 2' x 3' Cherry SH $28.09 $24.97
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  • 3M pressure sensitive adhesive peel and stick
  • 10 mil thickness
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive adheres best to a clean, dry, smooth surface
  • It can be applied to painted or varnishedsurfaces as well as sealed wood surfaces
  • Apply the veneer by peeling back a small section of the backer and, once positioned, lightly press down, check thealignment, and if correct continue removing the backer and pressing down the veneer
  • Once applied, the Sheet Veneer must be “SCRAPED DOWN” tightly with a scraper, DO NOT USE A “J” ROLLER. Apply pressure in the direction of the grain only to minimize scratches
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Edgemate Peel and Stick Unfinished Veneer Sheets

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