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Cabinet Locks and Catches

Need locks or latches for for your drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and furniture? Then look no further. Woodworker’s Hardware stocks an extensive collection of cabinet door locks and catches that can help you secure any household application including file cabinets, kitchen cabinets, glass doors, and more. Find childproof locks, key locks, catches, door hardware, and more. We carry the most highly-rated types of locks and lock hardware from some of the most respected brands in the industry. And as your one stop shop, we can help you find anything from your standard cam, combination or deadbolt lock to more intricate decorative locks, tambour door locks and and more advanced electronic locking systems. Additionally, we also feature a variety of cabinet and drawer catches that can help you improve the functionality of your furniture. Our magnetic catches come in many pull strengths and our touch catches can help you open cabinet doors with just a gentle push. Our double door catches can help you secure a double door opening with just one lock and our specialty catches can help you child-proof all of your doors and furniture to make them safe for babies and young children.

Cam Locks

Cam locks come in disc or the more secure pin tumbler version, interchangeable key plugs or keyless combination locks.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks for doors and drawers come in disc tumbler and the more secure pin tumbler versions. Available keyed alike and master keyed.

Interchangeable Lock Plug System by Timberline

The Timberline interchangeable lock plug system comes in over 8 versions. One lock plug fits all cylinder body applications.

Combination Locks

Combination key locks open with a key or by entering a combination. Combinations are easy to change by the end user.

Gang Locks

Gang locks are the perfect solution for locking 3 drawers in file cabinets and desks. Keying can match other cam or deadbolt locks.

Furniture Locks

Decorative furniture locks available for chest lids and doors or drawers. Mortise and surface types available.

Glass Door Locks

Stocking deadbolt and cam locks for glass door applications. Some require drilling into the glass.

Bypass Sliding Locks

Stocking locks for bypass glass and wood doors. The plunger lock for wood doors can be keyed to cam and deadbolt locks.

Electronic Locks Stealth Lock

Keyless lock systems leave no trace of visible lock hardware or signs of being secured. Lock & unlock multiple wood cabinet doors or drawers from a single transmitter pad within a 15' range.

Special Application Locks

Stocking special application lock for wardrobe cabinets and lockers. Also see cam lock with a hook cam, great for tambour doors.

Lock Accessories

Stocking key blanks, master keys, strikes, escutcheons, trim rings and many cam options.

Products by Manufacturers

Magnetic Catches

Magnetic catches come in many pull strengths up to 19 lbs. Also see hermetically sealed magnetic catches ideal for hor high corrosion resistance.

Friction Catches

Stocking friction catches in mechanical, roller and twin ball catch styles.

Touch Catches

Touch catches open cabinet doors with just a gentle push. Available in magnetic and mechanical versions. Also see the drawer pusher touch latch.

Passage Door Stops

Walk through door stops come in three styles including extra strength magnetic door stops, spring-style baseboard stops and hinge pin stops.

Recessed Catches

Recessed catches are inserted into drilled holes and come in magnetic and spring activated.

Double Door Catch

Double door catches in conjunction with a lock will secure a double door opening with one lock.

Specialty Catches

Stocking numerous types of latches and catches for specialty applications including child proofing cabinet doors and securing gates, lids, and more.

Products by Manufacturers